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Storage and Winterization Services Offered

Removal of old spark plugs, inspection of spark plugs for engine operation wear, and replacement with new plugs.

Depending on motor or customer specification, gas is drained from the tank or the gas is treated.


Oil is drained, filter is changed, and the motor is refilled with the oil that matches your motor.

Propellers are inspected, and any issues are reported to the customer.

Engine Tune-Up: The carb is cleaned and adjusted as needed, plugs are changed, fuel filter is changed, and components that have a tendency to wear are checked.


Zing Cleaning: Zing removes buildup on your hull, pontoons, and motor.


Seat Cleaning: Seats are sprayed with marine upholstery cleaner, pressure washed, and wiped down.


Pressure Wash: Seats, deck, hull, pontoons, and motor are cleaned.

Shrink-Wrap: Boats are wrapped and "tented" for snow load.

Hauling: Boats are picked up in the fall and delivered to your door in the spring.

Shrink-wrapping is done in our barns to keep the boats as dry as possible!

Boats are stored outside, fully covered, on fenced and locked grounds. Batteries are stored inside our building.


Inside storage is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Price is based on boat length.

After winterization and storage, we will also summer-ize the boat: We will put everything back on the boat and test it to make sure it is running optimally before we give it back to you!

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